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Our Process & Fees


Preparing your case:

When you hire us, we will learn and understand everything about you including your history, dependents, and how this case's decision would affect your livelihood and that of dependents. If, for example, moving would disrupt the life of a child who has lived here for a very long time, we will consider this in the type of application that we make. We will do everything we can to make sure your case is given the best possible chance and you achieve the very best you can in your circumstances.

The immigration application includes the following;

After initial meeting, we will book an appointment at the office to go through the online application and submit your online application which will be before the expiry of your current leave. 

While making your application, we will book your appointment for you to attend an approved centre for you to provide your biometric data. This will be within one month of submitting your application.  The Cost is from free to £225 depending on the location and time. 

After the biometric data is provided, you will get a decision from the Home Office with 8  weeks but it can be longer if your case is complicated. We will chase the Home Office every two months to obtain an update. There will be no further cost for getting an update.  

Going to court:

Our solicitors will explain the whole process and how the day will happen, ensuring that you are confident in your case and know the likely outcomes and what happens next.


For Home office applications, you will incur the application fee which includes the Immigration Health Charge, please

Use the link for Home office for application fee. Sometimes you may be entitled for exemption of the Home Office and/or Immigration Health Surcharge. We will advise you accordingly if you are entitled for it.  We are happy to provide more details with the specific application you are entitled to make. The legal fee does not include costs of appealing any refusal application. Please note for appeal to First -Tier Immigration Tribunal, the tribunal fee for each appellant is £140.00.


More on Fees:

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Fees (Fixed*):

Entry Clearance Applications:


Visitors application:

£500 +VAT

Marriage Visitor:

£750 + VAT

Short-term study visa:

£170 + VAT

Student Visa:

£750 + VAT

Child Student Visa:

 £750 + VAT


£1,500 + VAT • Settlement £1500 + VAT

Family member, Adult dependant relative:

£1500 +VAT

Family Reunion:

£1500 + VAT

*Prices do not include any travel cost or disbursement.

*Disbursement Such as Home Office Fees vary and can be found on the Home Office website for each application type.

*Court Fees may vary and can be found on their respective websites.

*VAT is charged at 20%

*Please note our prices may vary on the level of experience of the solicitor dealing with your cases as well as the stage of the process to which you instruct us. In any and all cases, the experience and reflection in prices will be made clear to you at the start of the process.

*All cases handled by solicitors with less experience are overseen and advised by the Principal of the firm.

Types of immigration cases we do

Visa Application

Visa Extension

EEA & EEA Dependent Application

Applying for Citizenship

Leave to remain Applications