Road Traffic Offences & Dangerous Driving

This is one of our main areas of focus. We deal with these cases very often, Our expert knowledge cannot be beaten. 

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Our Process & Fees


Preparing your case:

When you hire us, we will learn and understand everything about you including your history, dependents, and how this case's decision would affect your livelihood. For example, if your employment depends on you being able to drive (either commute or as part of your job) or you need your license to care for your children, we will make sure the court knows this. The court will not unfairly punish your dependents. We will do everything we can to make sure your case is given the best possible chance and you achieve the very best you can in your circumstances.

Going to court:

Our solicitors will explain the whole process and how the day will happen, ensuring that you are confident in your case and know the likely outcomes and what happens next.


Guilty Pleas:

£750 + VAT

First Appearance & Trial:

£1500 + VAT

*Prices do not include any travel cost or disbursement.

Types of road traffic offence cases we do


Reckless driving

Causing death via reckless driving

Parking Tickets

Driving without Insurance

Driving under the influence